No refunds will be processed if the Customer does not follow the terms and conditions mentioned on the website throughout the Order.

If you have placed the Order for an Entire course/class to be done, you can claim a refund if the overall grade of the class falls below a 'C' grade after providing proof. No refund claim will be accepted on the basis of one single activity grade.

Customers who have achieved 70% or more grades are not eligible for a 100% refund. Instead, 50% will be withheld as a service charge, and further will be

We guarantee 80% above only, and there's no policy for committing the 'A' grade with you.

Any order for the Proctored exam will not be eligible for a 100% refund. Instead, 50% will be withheld as a service charge.

Upon the Customer's request, a 70% refund will be processed if a request for a refund is made within 12-24 hours after placing the Order.

No refund shall be processed after 24 hours in case of 'change of mind'.

There shall be no refund if the Customer would deceive the company by any means or create problems during or after finalizing the Order.

If a considerable amount of work has already been done, cancellation of the Order is possible only with a partial refund of Order costs.

A refund will be processed upon mutual agreement of the Parties if our expert has not started working on the Order.

If you face any issues or if you are not satisfied with the service, we advise that you resolve the concern in-house by discussing it with the company. Contacting any third party like Bank or card provider will be considered a breach of the policy, and strict action will be taken against it & no refund will be processed.

NOTE: If your claim does not fall under any of the above-mentioned clauses, then you are not entitled to a refund, and hence no refund will be furnished.

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