We are the top of the line, leading professional academic assistance service in the country. Our aim is to always provide professional and high quality academic help to students so that they may excel in their academia. It is with the utmost regard for our customers that we perform our tasks. In order to provide the best possible service, we have developed a proper code of conduct that we ensure with all of our clients. The following are the detailed terms and conditions that are the basis of all official interactions with us.

To ensure that gracious professionalism is maintained and that there are no misunderstandings between any client and any member of our team, we urge all visitors to carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions before engaging in any official contract with us. Once an official business deal has been made then it is considered that the client has read, understood and agreed with all of the terms detailed below. Note that in following the words “us”, “we”, “the Company” and “our” are exclusively used for Domyonlineclass.co.

  • The Customer is responsible for giving us the access to receive the login code (if required), which can be either over the text message, duo push application or email forwarder. If that is not possible, then we will not be responsible for any discrepancy due to the login code access or loss of grades
  • After placing the Order, the assigned expert will require time to review the class, so you will have to make sure you get confirmation from the consultant on any submission that is due within a short deadline.
  • Any order placed on Friday or Weekend will not get any submission done before Monday until the consultant confirms no urgent deadline will be catered.
  • If any textbook is required for the course to be done, then the Customer will have to arrange the softcopy/ebook and share it with us. Also, we can purchase the book on behalf of the Customer if they are available online. Charges will be applied. And in case the book is only available as a printed copy, then the Customer will have to share the pictures of the particular pages once the expert asks for them. The company won't be responsible if there is any activity or class failure due to the unavailability of the required textbook
  • If the Order is placed for the exam only, we will be only responsible if our expert has to log in and do the exam and it is not proctored. We are not allowed to take the exams in which login access is not provided, and we have to send you the answers in response to the exam pictures given to us over Text, WhatsApp or Email. Except for the exams that are included in the full or partial courses that we are working on
  • The company is not responsible for any physical or group submissions, i.e., video, audio, photos or handwritten work, or in-person appearance or responses needed.
  • The company will not be responsible if the Customer fails to appear on time for an exam, arrange the appropriate device, sufficient internet speed(50Mbps at least), to provide needed information, i.e., login credentials, course material, etc. or fail to submit any document or work after the exam.
  • The company will not be responsible for any technical issues that occurred prior to or during the exam, i.e., telephone, electronic, hardware or software, network, Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, failures, or difficulties of any kind.
  • If you place an order for a partial/remaining class, which is already in progress, then we will only be responsible for the grades of the activities done by us, not the ones which were missed before the placement of the Order.
  • The Customer will have to ensure that they remain in contact with the customer support team for updates and follow-up on the progress even if they are travelling.

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